The solutions offered by GT Edge and our partners are designed to efficiently run your workloads.

We use a consistent "Design, Build and Run" methodology to ensure we fully understand your requirements, design the solution appropriately, build and test the system and then place the solution into it's production run state. After your solution is placed into production, function and performance is monitored. System issues that may arise are managed according to your SLA. 

In some cases, your system may have a very short Design, Build and Run cycle, perhaps a few hours or a day or two. At other times, a deeper assessment of your business and workloads may be needed before you enter the solution Design, Build and Run process.

Our Professional Services range from short assessment engagements perhaps to help you develop ROI calculations when considering closing your offices, supporting a remote workforce, developing a Lift & Shift plan to transition to managed data center hosting, deploying MultiCloud networking and more.

Information Security & industry standards frameworks:

Meeting SLA obligations is the cornerstone of how we do business. When challenges arise, we will work to resolve problems and restore normal service. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are not satisfied with any aspect of your relationship with us.

GT Edge Solutions uses enterprise class IT platforms, Tier 1 data centers and experienced engineering staff to design, build and run our hosting services. We operate as a Zero Knowledge hosting provider. We do not have access to customer data. We are not responsible for data encryption, backups, ransomware protection, disaster recovery, business continuity, operating system patching and hardening, phishing, malware or other risks to customer data.

Data Center meets the following compliance standards: SSAE16, ISO 27001, PCI v3.2, dual redundant A/B feed power supplies with UPS & generator backup, climate controls, 24/7 onsite security, biometrics for physical access.