Monthly Fast File Transfer For Cloud Storage

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Product Overview

Enjoy sending & downloading large video, imaging, software and other files as fast as your Internet connection will allow. This solution is hosted by GT Edge Solutions & powered by JetStream, the leading fast file transfer platform.

Download the free desktop app below once your service is set up.

Windows, Mac OSX 10.9+, Ubuntu Linux 18.04+, CentOS 7

JetStream Client Documentation

GT Edge Fast File Transfer With Storage is a great way to transfer files if you need us to provide a storage bucket for file uploads and downloads. 

You can use GT Edge Fast Storage & you can also bring your own Cloud storage such as AWS S3, Backblaze, Wasabi, Zadara and more.

We will help you connect your Fast File Transfer solution to a single or multiple storage services.

Egress bandwidth is included. Simply use this pricing calculator to create a draft order and contact us to arrange for solution provisioning and a walk through on how to use the service.

Add more storage and locations as you wish at any time.