Remote Windows 10 NVIDIA RTX4000 8GB GPU Video Production Workstation with Teradici Remote Access Agent

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Product Overview

Our hosted workstation solution for Media & Entertainment, Post Production, Animation & Graphic ARctuists  provides a powerful way to remotely create, edit and render media content.

Avoid buying expensive GPU computers and relying on home Internet and occasional power outages. 

GT Edge Media WorkStations provide a high performance experience from our managed data center. Enjoy redundant high speed Internet and power to ensure that your workstation is running at all times!

Our Dell 3930 Win10 Pro workstations provide a high performance experience by running Intel i9 9900 CPUS, NVIDIA GPU cards, 64 to 128GB DDR4 RAM, NVMe boot drives and 10G networking to SSD and HDD SMB storage.

The workstations can be accessed over VPN and end users can run Windows Remote Desktop or other solutions such as Teradici PCoIP or other VDI technologies.

Editing software not included.

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