Monthly Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Virtual Desktop For US Cyber Patriot 60GB Disk 6 vCPU 12 GB RAM

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Product Overview

The Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Virtual Desktop for US CyberPatriot developed by GT Edge Solutions will help you quickly download and run VMware images and start working on your cyber training!

**note: do not upgrade this instance to Ubuntu 22.04. The version must stay on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to ensure the VMware player runs properly.

The desktop is designed to be accessed via Splashtop remote desktop access. We have installed and configured everything you need to start downloading and running test images. You can use PC, Mac, Linux desktop, Chromebook, Chrome Beowser, Android, Amazon Fire and other devices to access the Virtual Desktop.

To get started, Set up a free account and place your order for the Virtual Desktop.

**note that if you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must be involved and aware of you using this GT Edge Solutions service.

Please note that the virtual desktop is intended for Blue Team type use by US Cyber Patriot participants only. Red Team, cyber offensive, commercial use or hosting  web services or applications for third party use is not permitted.

Note that your activity on this platform will be monitored for security reasons. Any suspicious or unreasonable use of the GT Edge Solutions service may result in account deletion without notice. Do not store personally identifiable information of any kind on the GT Edge Solutions platform.

We will email you the setup instructions. You will need an Internet connection and one of the supported devices mentioned above to install the Splashtop player app (link for download will be sent after you place your order).

The Ubuntu desktop is prebuilt with the VMware player installed (for non commercial educational use only) and the browser is preloaded with a number of other utilities and links to help you get started.

See terms and conditions that apply.

You can request support by sending an email to